Gunnedah EIMEX supported by Gunnedah Shire Council

From the Namoi Valley Independent // 26 February 2020 // Article & Photo: Vanessa Höhnke

The Energy Innovation Mining Expo (EIMEX) committee is dreaming big.

Chairman Rob Hooke said the Gunnedah Show Society event had the potential to grow from a regional event to a state event, and eventually a national event.

He said sponsorship was “paramount” to this vision and he was “delighted” that Gunnedah Shire Council voted to make an in-kind contribution of $11,000 and a cash contribution of $7000 at last week’s meeting.

“We feel it’s important for the growth and development of this area to be able to highlight not only mining, but also innovation that is coming on stream for energy and agriculture. We’re hoping to be able to bring a lot of these new innovations to the EIMEX event in October,” Mr Hooke said.

“This event is only the second one we’ve held and at this stage looks like it’s going to be a lot bigger than it was 18 months ago.

“We feel the event will go from being just a regional event to being a state event and eventually, we’re hoping to become a national event. We are aiming very high.”

We feel it’s important for the growth and development of this area.

At last week’s meeting, Cr Murray O’Keefe said the council was “better placed” to provide assistance with elements including traffic control and he was keen for them to support the event again.

“More important than council purchasing sponsorship is that council … supports the event by encouraging and requiring significant numbers of staff to attend the event and actually get out and put boots on the ground,” he said.

Mr Hooke said there was “a niche market” to tap into and innovation played a major role in the changing face of agriculture.

“We need to learn to diversify and I think having expos like this can open up opportunities to showcase diversity, new industries and new possibilities,” he said.